Day Care Providers

All licensed day care providers are prohibited from smoking tobacco in the indoor areas of a daycare and in any vehicle used to transport day care children at any time.

Foster Care Providers

All licensed foster care providers are prohibited from smoking tobacco in the indoor areas of a foster care area and in any vehicle used to transport foster care children.


We need your help. The tobacco companies are spending billions of dollars to hook new smokers, advertise to youth and replace dying customers. We need to educate youth, retailers and members of our communities on the harmful effects of tobacco marketing strategies. Talk to young people about point of sale tobacco advertising, ask your local retailers to remove tobacco advertising and show your support for retailers who have already removed advertisements at or below three feet by shopping in their stores and offering a word of appreciate for taking a stand. If you know of place where tobacco use might be a problem, contact us so we can assist in addressing it:

  • Redwood County Department of Family and Human Services: (507) 637-4050
  • Cottonwood County Department of Family and Human Services: (507) 831-1891


Start noticing tobacco advertisements in and around the community, and help educate retailers, youth and community members on the harmful effects of tobacco advertising.


If you are a retailer of tobacco products, we encourage you to consider removing all tobacco advertisements at or below three feet – the average height of a young child. Many retailers in our communities have already taken this step to reducing youth exposure to tobacco advertising.

Why is this important?

Secondhand smoke contains 7,000 poisonous gases and dust-like particles too small for the eye to see, about 70 of which are known to cause cancer. When you breath in these gases and particles they get into every cell in your body. Secondhand smoke can cause health problems such as cancers, heart disease and breathing difficulties.

Babies and young children are at the most risk. Opening a window isn’t enough to reduce the harm of secondhand smoke in a house or car – it might get rid of the smell but not the 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. They can linger for hours even when windows are wide open.

FACT: Today’s average 14 year old has been exposed to more than $20 billion in tobacco industry imagery, advertising and promotions since age 6.

FACT: Kids are three times more sensitive to tobacco advertising than adults and at least one-third of underage experimentation with tobacco is attributable to tobacco company advertising.